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Shareplus Error Service Response In Unexpected Format

I installed the update of SharePlus. When I click on a SharePoint Site, I get the following message: Error preparing statement. No such table: shareplus ipad Webs - (1). Any idea? Kind regards, Jurgen Reply Post Points: 50 Verified shareplus enterprise Answer [IG] Javier da Rosa Points 8,995 Replied On: Mon, Apr 2 2012 5:42 PM Reply Verified by shareplus for office 365 and sharepoint [IG] Javier da Rosa Hi TJ, Thank you for posting at IG forums! Besides trying the previously suggested fix, in the email message I sent you, please try deleting and re-installing the shareplus bhp app. Best regards, Javier da RosaSharePlus and ReportPlus Help Infragistics, Inc. Reply Post Points: 40 All Replies Uwe82 Points 80 Replied On: Wed, Mar 28 2012 6:50 AM Reply I installed the update this morning and nothing is working any more. At first I got the same error message. I reinstalled SharePlus and created a new Connection. Now I don't get the

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error any more, but I cannot authenticate with Windows/Forms Login, only Office 365 with a form displayed. With the first two options, I get "Authentication failed. Service response in unexpected format, please review your configuration". SharePoint is published through TMG, where I found other topics in this forum few minutes ago. But this worked before I installed the update this morning :(. Reply Post Points: 5 Toof Points 25 Replied On: Wed, Mar 28 2012 8:57 AM Reply Same error here, iPad running iOS 5.1, error started after upgrading to SharePlus Pro 3.0. I did not upgrade SharePlus Pro on my iPhone and I can still access SharePoint from my phone version 2.9.8. *fingers grossed for a fix soon* Reply Post Points: 5 [IG] Javier da Rosa Points 8,995 Replied On: Wed, Mar 28 2012 1:02 PM Reply Hi All, Thank you for posting at IG forums! This issue is being reported by other users as well. We're investigating this and working on finding the cause and a solution. We appreciate all information you may be able to provide us with. Test credentials to

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Login or Join Remember Me Log in Forgot your password? Forgot your sharepoint mobile app username? Create an account SharePoint Products Social & Mobile Mobile Access SharePlus Office Mobile Client for sharepoint app iPhone/iPad by Infragistics SharePlus Office Mobile Client for iPhone/iPad by Infragistics Editor rating0.0User rating4.7 (3) 14276 0Add Tweet CompareProducts and Add-Ons/mobile-apps/927-shareplus-office-mobile-client-for-iphoneipad Send Inquiry Your name:* Please http://www.infragistics.com/community/forums/t/67380.aspx fill in your name Company Name:* Please fill in your company name Country:* Please fill in your country Your email:* Please fill in your email Your phone number: Please fill in your phone number Comments & Requirements:* Please fill in your comments Please enter the security code.* Submit The form could not be submitted http://www.sharepointreviews.com/component/content/article/111-sharepoint-mobile-apps/927-SharePlus-Office-Mobile-Client-for-iPhoneiPad.html Product SummaryDeveloperInfragisticsSupportsSharePoint 2013SharePoint 2010MOSS 2007WSS v3Works withAndroidiPadiPhoneMacPlaybookIdeal forPrice, US $19.99LicensingPer UserFree TrialYesWebsiteVisit Vendor Website... SharePlus lets you take your SharePoint data with your iPhone or iPad anywhere. SharePlus stores all the navigated data locally for later use, enabling offline browsing of all your office's knowledge assets, like Documents, Tasks, Images, Discussions, Announcements, Events, Wiki Pages, Custom Lists, etc. SharePlus does not require any server side components. SharePlus Features: Content Management Add, edit & delete list items, supporting Calendars, Tasks, Pictures, Contacts, Custom Lists, Discussion Boards and Documents. Picture Management: Add pictures to rich text, and hyperlink fields automatically, from your album or take a new photo with the camera. Document Management Send/Receive documents from/to 3rd party applications using the "OPENIN" feature (iPad and iOS4 only). Received documents are staged in a "Local Files" folder, and may be attached to any list item, or used to update any document. Full content type support. Check In/Check Out & Approve/Reject support. Attach documents to list items. Send documents by email, link

here for a quick http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10198386/system-datetime-parseexact-error-in-soap-response-in-monotouch-ios overview of the site Help Center Detailed answers to any questions you might have Meta Discuss the workings and policies of this site About Us Learn more about Stack Overflow the company Business Learn more about hiring developers or posting ads shareplus error with us Stack Overflow Questions Jobs Documentation Tags Users Badges Ask Question x Dismiss Join the Stack Overflow Community Stack Overflow is a community of 6.3 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign shareplus error service up System.DateTime.ParseExact error in SOAP response in Monotouch iOS up vote 1 down vote favorite I have an application that is making SOAP web service calls to another application (no JSON possibility here). Some of the responses come back fine. The issue is that one of the calls is made OK but the response brings back a System.DateTime.ParseExact error. I checked the date format in SOAPUI and it came back as: 2012-02-05-05:00 The error message is: at System.DateTime.ParseExact (System.String s, System.String[] formats, IFormatProvider provider, DateTimeStyles style) [0x0005c] in /Developer/MonoTouch/Source/mono/mcs/class/corlib/System/DateTime.cs:1761 at System.DateTime.ParseExact (System.String s, System.String format, IFormatProvider provider, DateTimeStyles style) [0x0001c] in /Developer/MonoTouch/Source/mono/mcs/class/corlib/System/DateTime.cs:1741 at System.DateTime.ParseExact (System.String s, System.String format, IFormatProvider provider) [0x00000] in /Developer/MonoTouch/Source/mono/mcs/class/corlib/System/DateTime.cs:927 at System.Xml.Serialization.XmlCustomFormatter.FromXmlString (System.Xml.Serialization.TypeData type, System.String value) [0x001d4] in /Developer/MonoTouch/Source/mono/mcs/class/System.XML/System.Xml.Serialization/XmlCustomFormatter.cs:275 at System.Xml.Serialization.XmlSerializatio

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