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Shadow Failed Error 7051

2016 Languages log in to start download LOGIN Don't have an account? Create one here. Or Continue As Guest Which best describes you: IT Admin Business User DOWNLOAD Symptoms or Error When trying to shadow a session with XenApp 6.0 and later versions, the following error message is displayed to the shadower, if either the shadower or the shadowee is configured to use multiple monitors: Multi-monitor configuration on shadower: “Shadow failed. Error code 120 (Error 120 – This function is not supported on this system.)” Multi-monitor configuration on shadowee: "Shadow failed. Error code 7044 (Error 7044 - The request to control another session remotely was denied.)” When trying to shadow from one session to another session with a single monitor, shadowing works without issues, the error appears if the shadowee or shadower is using multiple monitors. Note: The error is not explicit to this issue. This is a general error message that might occur in different scenarios. Solution Remote Desktop Services do not support shadowing multiple monitors, shadowing of ICA sessions is also limited in the same way. Refer to Microsoft Article ID 2484290 for more information about session shadow with multiple monitors enabled in Windows Server 2008 R2. Problem Cause Earlier to Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2, there is no built-in support for multiple monitors in Remote Desktop sessions. With the introduction of multi monitor support in Remote Desktop Services, shadowing is now depending on underlying functionality available in operating system. Additional Resources CTX134090 - Shadow Failed. Error Code 120. Shadowing an RDP session on Windows Server 2008 R2 may fail when Aero is enabled "Input Capture Window" shows on local desktop when you start Windows Remote Assistance as a RemoteApp Applicable Products XenApp 6.5 for Windows Server 2008 R2XenApp 6.0 for Windows Server 2008 R2 Citrix Support Automatic translation This article was translated by an automatic translation system and was not reviewed by people. Citrix provides automatic translation to increase access to support content; however,

/Thai /Arabic /Russian language /Portuguese /Cantonese /German /Italian language /Dutch /Greek /Classical ) CTX112640 Presentation Server 4.0 for Microsoft Windows 2003 Presentation Server 4.0 for Microsoft Windows 2003 1970-01-01 1970-01-01 Archive:Error: Shadow failed. Error code 7051 null SymptomsYou receive the following error message when trying to shadow in the shadow taskbar or in the Presentation Server:“Shadow failed. Error code 7051(Error 7051 - The requested session is not configured to allow remote control. )"Cause This problem is also seen when using remote control in Terminal Services. This indicates an underlying problem at the operating system level.There is a Microsoft http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX125693 Group Policy object (GPO) that disables remote control. This GPO also disables Citrix shadowing.ResolutionSee Microsoft Knowledge Base article 278845. Open the Group Policy snap-in (Gpedit.msc). In the left pane, under the Computer Configuration branch, expand the Administrative Templates branch. Expand the Windows Components branch. Click the Terminal Services folder. In the right pane, double-click Sets rules for remote control http://support.en.ctx.org.cn/ctx112640.citrix of Terminal Services user sessions. On the Setting tab, click Enabled. In the Options box, click Full Control with users' permission and then click OK.Note: The same setting also exists under User Configuration in the GPO. Also, the setting may appear in more than one GPO applied to the user(s) in question. Run gpupdate on the Presentation Server so that the change takes effect. Test Remote Control again to ensure that it now works. Once shadowing works through Terminal Services, it should then work in Presentation Server. Special Note This paper source for all Citrix.com after translation Translation copyright holders. For reprint please indicate the source. Related Documents PREV 上一篇 Archive: Changes to the "Ctx_SmaUser" Account in Presentation Server 4.5 NEXT 下一篇 Explanation of the Virtual Reboot Feature in the Streaming Profiler Issue . Advertising for lease latest message . Advertising for lease . Recent changes Mailing Lists Subscribe to work, businesses, jobs, questions and answers, information and other information Fill in your email address to subscribe to our great content: subscription Subscribe to

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shadow failed error 7050
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shadow failed error code 7051
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Shadow Failed Error Code Error Access Is Denied p p p HomeLibraryWikiLearnGalleryDownloadsSupportForumsBlogs Ask a question Quick access Forums home Browse forums users FAQ Search related threads Remove From My Forums Answered by RDS session remote control for users Windows Server Remote Desktop Services Terminal Services Question Sign in to vote Our case is simple we have a domain with a Windows R domain controller and a Remote Desktop Services server with Windows R Domain users who were added to a href http support citrix com article CTX http support citrix com article CTX a a security group can connect and

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Shadow Failed Error Code p CTX - Error shadow failed An attempt has been made to connect to a session whose video mode is not supported by the current client shadow failed error code This document was published at http support citrix com kb entry jspa externalID CTX Document ID CTX Created on Sep p Citrix Error p Updated Oct Products Citrix MetaFrame XP for Microsoft Windows Citrix MetaFrame XP shadow failed error code this function is not supported on this system for Microsoft Windows Citrix MetaFrame XP for Microsoft NT Server Terminal Server Edition Citrix MetaFrame for Microsoft Windows

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Shadow Failed Error Code Xenapp p in to start download xE CD LOGIN Don x t have an account Create one here Or Continue As Guest Which best describes you IT Admin Business User DOWNLOAD Symptoms or Error Shadow Failed Error Code Solution Caution Refer to the Disclaimer at the end of this article before using Registry Editor Complete the following steps to resolve the error On the non-working server open reg key HKLM Software Wow Node Citrix Install Look for a Binary entry called Setting Note If this entry is not present shadowing will not work On a working