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CY CZ DK DJ DM DO EC EG SV GQ ER EE ET FK FO FJ FI FR GF PF TF GA GM GE GH GI GR GL GD GP GU GT GG GN GW GY HT HM VA HN HK HU IS IN ID IR IQ IE IM IL IT JM JP JE JO KZ KE KI KP KR KW KG LA LV LB LS LR LY LI LT LU MO MK MG MW MY MV ML MT MH MQ MR MU YT MX FM MD MC MN ME MS MA MZ MM NA NR NP NL NC NZ NI NE NG NU NF MP NO OM PK PW PS https://scn.sap.com/thread/1876362 PA PG PY PE PH PN PL PT PR QA RE RO RU RW BL SH KN LC MF PM VC WS SM ST SA SN RS SC SL SG SX SK SI SB SO ZA GS SS ES LK SD SR SJ SZ SE CH SY TW TJ TZ TH TL TG TK TO TT TN TR TM TC TV UG UA AE GB US UM UY UZ VU VE VN VG VI WF EH YE ZM ZW Projects « » Search Project Blogs Search Blog Request Blog http://sapfreelancing.com/blog/detail/id/t203w2 Jobs Search Job Help Contact Support FAQ Message Title Message Success ! Error ! Please wait while processing... Email Address : Password : Don’t have an account? Register now ! Forgot Password Confirm ! Email Address : Blogs > > Blog Details Blog Title : Table splitting during export/import Stanislav 26 May 2014, 07:34 PM Table splitting during export/import Post Comment Rate Blog Average Rating : 4.60 / 5.0 Like Follow @SAPFreelancing Share Table splitting during export/import Reason: speeding up export/import of database. More parallel processes run for one table (more packages) SAP Notes 1043380: Efficient Table Splitting for Oracle Databases 960280: R3load export tuning for split tables with oracle Don’t split these tables: DDNTF DDNTF_CONV_UC DDNTT DDNTT_CONV_UC DDLOG Create file splitfile.txt on OS with content for example: TST03%8;ROWID CKIS%6;ROWID EDI40%5;DOCNUM CDCLS%4;CHANGENR SE16N_CD_DATA%3;ROWID Where TST03 is name of table, %8 number of packages (One package should have size 8GB (SAP recommendation) If tables has 240 GB than %30 and 30 packages will be created with size 8 GB), ROWID is column of table TST03. If table hasn’t column ROWID choose another column f.e. : go to DB02 SPACE-> SEGMENTS->DETAILED ANALYZIS -> in field segment/object fill name of table and tick. Choose Table columns.

Now *.WHR files are generated. Post Comment Rate Blog Average Rating : 4.60 / 5.0 Comments dilip 31 Jan 2016, 03:20 PM after we use table split before the DB export, will that

about this channel Embed this content in your HTML Search confirm cancel Report adult content: click to rate: Account: (login) More Channels Showcase RSS Channel Showcase 1713335 RSS Channel Showcase http://logistics2068.rssing.com/chan-52248285/all_p1.html 6646881 RSS Channel Showcase 4526248 RSS Channel Showcase 9031250 Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog https://www.studyblue.com/notes/note/n/chapter-7-r3load-and-jload-files/deck/1383732 Articles on this Page (showing articles 1 to 20 of 308) 05/21/15--09:08: _MAIN_SWITCH/STARTSA... 08/06/15--06:45: _Transport queue is ... 09/03/15--00:26: _OSDB Migration: tab... 08/19/15--18:59: _EHP7 SGEN in Shadow... 06/07/09--10:41: _Transport Request B... 03/06/15--06:59: _During SUM Update: ... 08/08/13--02:05: _How to deploy SCA F... 08/22/15--07:33: _OSDB Migration:Impo... 06/28/13--10:20: _SUM 1.0 SP07 - R3tr... 11/19/08--04:46: rff error _Transport Request s... 05/03/13--04:00: _SWPM media for ERP ... 03/11/15--11:50: _EHP2 - EHP7 Upgrade... 09/07/15--06:08: _SUM can't detect Ja... 04/17/15--12:27: _SUM - Upgrade Near-... 09/01/15--08:46: _Update SolMan 7.1 S... 05/21/15--09:08: _MAIN_SWITCH/STARTSA... 03/24/15--23:04: _Error at phase PREP... 08/22/15--07:33: _OSDB Migration:Impo... 09/09/15--09:47: _ORA-4031 ERROR 04/17/15--12:27: _SUM - Upgrade Near-... (showing articles 1 to 20 of 308) Browse the Latest Snapshot Browsing All Articles (308 Articles) Live rff error no Browser Channel Description: Popular Discussion Threads in Software Logistics (Page 1) | 2 | 3 | 4 | .... | 16 | newer 0 0 05/21/15--09:08: MAIN_SWITCH/STARTSAP_TRANS Error Contact us about this article Hi Guys While Upgrading an ERP6 from EHP2 to EHP7, I'm experiencing an error during MAIN_SWITCH/STARTSAP_TRANS step   System was working fine, until Downtime.     Dispatcher trace is showing it cant connect to port 3900, but message server is running in 3901 (Instance 01) so not sure why its trying to do this       Services file is ok   sapmsSTA 3601/tcp # SAP System Message Server Port     R3trans connects to database (0000)   H:\SUM>R3trans -d This is R3trans version 6.24 (release 721 - 14.10.14 - 20:14:08). non-unicode version R3trans=>sapparam(1c): No Profile used. R3trans=>sapparam: SAPSYSTEMNAME neither in Profile nor in Commandline R3trans finished (0000).   At this moment Kernel is still 721, so Switch havent completed yet       H:\SUM>disp+work -v |more disp+work=>sapparam(1c): No Profile used. disp+work=>sapparam: SAPSYSTEMNAME neither in Profile nor in Commandline     -------------------- disp+work information -------------------- kernel release                721 kernel make variant           721_EXT_REL DBMS client library           SQL_Server_9.00 DBSL shared library

this site is created by StudyBlue users. StudyBlue is not affiliated with, sponsored by or endorsed by the academic institution or instructor. StudyBlue Japan Sapporo University Chapter 7 - R3LOAD and JLOAD files Leon O. Created: 2011-11-01 Last Modified: 2011-11-28 Size: 112 Views: 422 What create DDL*.TPL files? R3LDCTL - DDL template files. Since R3LDCTL 6.40 DDL_lrg.TPL files are created to support unosrted exports What creates *.EXT files R3LDCTL/R3SZCHK - Initial Extent Files Advertisement ) What creates /view.STR files R3LDCTRL - Structure files What creates *.TOC files R3LOAD - Table of content files What creates .nnn R3LOAD - Data Dump files What creates .log R3LOAD - export/import log file What creates .cmd R3SETUP/SAPINST/MIGMON - command file What creates .STA R3LOAD - Load Statistic/progress file What creates .tsk R3LOAD - Task file What creates .SQL SMIGR_CREATE_DDL - SQL file (since 6.20) During a Unicode conversion, what file does R3LOAD Write? .XML During a Unicode conversion, R3LOAD writes .XML. What is contained in that file and what will use the contents? The file .XML contains the primary key of each row which can not be properly translated to Unicode. The content of this file is used by transaction SUMG to fix the problems in the target system. What file is used for the creation of tables/index/views and their sequence to be created? DDL.TPL What file tells to use sorted or unsorted exports DDL.TPL What file contains the values for negative list: table, data, index, view DDL.TPL Advertisement What file is used for the assignment of TABART to database storage units? DDL.TPL What file will contain the "next extent size" for table/Index (database specific)? DDL.TPL What file would contain database specific drop, delete and truncate statements? DDL.TPL What file would contain database specific delet and truncate data sta

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